Please have a read at our Terms & Conditions page. Quite a lot is said there and should answer most questions you may have.
Q) Am I ready and fit enough for the PWE Unique* Tours?

Please gauge your own fitness based on our Adventure Readiness Chart. Be truthful to yourself, and you'll find your answer. Check this against the PWE Unique* Tours Classification Chart and you'll find the "toughness" of the each Tour. You can then choose an appropriate tour that fits your needs, wants and ability.

Q) What to bring along with me on the Tour/s?

You will be provided with all the necessary technical equipment/s to fulfill each Tour's technical needs. However, the following are basics that you should bring along:

Change of clothes. You will get sweaty & dirty (in a good way) after the activities on our tours. So you'll want to have a change of clothes to go home with. If not, be ready to lose some friends along the way. We REQUIRE you to have a change of DRY clothes to go home with. We do not want you to discomfort the other tour participants by sloppiness.
Good sports shoes that do not hurt your feet when trekking & walking long distances. Sports sandals are just about OK. It's not essential to have trekking shoes with you, but if you happen to have a pair, why not. Please DO NOT come with flip-flops!
Bathing suits, swimming shorts or bikinis. You WILL get Wet & Wild on all our tours.
Towel, to dry yourself and protect your modesty.
We will be providing "River Shoes" for your comfort in all our tours that requires it. We find these shoes are most suitable for your comfort and safety when it comes to river activities.
Personal Toiletries IF you insist on scrubbing yourself squeaky clean at the end of the tour.
Sun block. For the vampires amongst us. Suntan lotion. For the sun-worshippers.
For those who worry about little scratches and insect love bites on the legs, you may want to consider trekking with long pants. But be warned, it will be HOT. You are playing in the tropical jungle after all.
Personal Water Bottle if you are against buying bottled water for whatever personal reason.
Personal Medication. If you are on any medication, please ensure that you have a ready supply for yourself.

Q) Are the Tours children friendly? Are they suitable for Senior Citizens?

After checking out the answers for question 2, and you are still unsure, please check directly with us on your concerns.
Suffice to say, we've had children as young as 3 joining SOME of our Tours without complaint, and Seniors north of 60 enjoying some of our Tours. It really is dependant on your fitness level, and your spirit of adventure.

Q) I am traveling alone. Can an individual join the PWE Unique* Tours?

We need a minimum of 2 persons to start a tour (for economic reasons & so that we don't get too lonely). However, if you do not have a traveling partner, we can accommodate you to join up with other participants on the next available date that matches your date/s upon availability of space. Look at it this way, you get to meet new people, yay!

Q) How do I book if I'm interested in the PWE Unique* Tours? What is the payment method?

Please refer to the Terms & Conditions for your answer.

Q) What's this Indemnity Form?

Our Tours are held in an outdoor environment where many conditions vary, day to day.
It is the responsibility of each individual to act responsibly and safely in respect of their own safety and that of others. PWE endeavors to operate with your safety and health as its principal guideline. However, as with all outdoor activities, outdoor and adventurous activities carry an inherent risk and can result in injury, permanent disability or even loss of life. Participants/Parents/Guardians are presumed to be aware of and accept the inherent risks involved. PWE, its Directors and staff, will not accept liability for personal injury or loss or damage of property sustained by participants. You will be asked to sign our indemnity form before the start of any tour/s.

Q) What can I expect?

A very good time.

Q) Can I bring my expensive camera/camcorder/mobile phone?

Unless it's waterproof, our answer would be no. We will take as many pictures of you, for you. Free of charge. Let us take the risk with our equipment. Nothing ruins an outing more than a soiled electronics. The choice is entirely yours though, and we provide you with waterproof backpacks should you choose to bring along these contraptions.

Q) Are there storage facilities?

We have a storage facility for small items like mobile phones, keys etc. It will be safe in a safe.

Q) Are there changing facilities?

We will provide a makeshift tarp to protect your modesty while changing. This is the Great Outdoors, you need to bring that mindset along.

Q) What happens in bad weather?

The Tours are all held outdoors. As such, we are beholden to mother nature to smile upon us. However, in situations where the weather makes it impossible to carry out any of the planned itinerary, we will endeavor to modify the plans to suit the situation. Should the weather make it impossible to have any fun at all, we reserve the right to cancel any of the tour's activities. However, we are reasonable operators, and refunds in situations like these are not an exception.

Q) How big are the group sizes?

We start any tour with a minimum of 2 persons. We max out on 12 persons for any given tour. The reason we limit the numbers is because we want to have a well managed tour. However, please enquire with us about large group sizes. We can do that as well.

Q) Will I get wet & dirty?


Q) How do we get there?

We will pick you up from your hotel in our fancy adventure mobile, and deliver you back safely in comfort to your doorsteps.

Q) Are there snakes, bugs, leeches etc?

It is a jungle after all. However, the chances of encountering dangerous wildlife are almost nil. Put it this way, we've been playing in these jungles for years, and the only dangerous life form we meet are ourselves.

Q) What food do we expect on the tours?

This is Malaysia, so expect the food to be great. However, if you have a special dietary need, please inform us beforehand.

Should you have any other pressing questions that we have not answered adequately, please ask us directly.