PWE refers to Primal Wilderness Experience in all instances herein.

  Deposits and Payments

A deposit of 50% of the total tour/s value is due when booking is made. A confirmation of booking email will be sent confirming your deposit and tour/s dates. The balance is due in full no later than 1 week before your tour/s date. Non-payment by the due date may be treated as a cancellation and all deposit monies will be forfeited. No reminders will be sent after the initial invoice. If you book less than 1 week before your tour/s commences the full tour/s value is required to confirm your booking, always upon availability of the tour/s date/s.

Bookings should not be considered as confirmed until you receive confirmation in writing via mobile and/or by e-mail from PWE.

  Payment Methods

Either via Direct Bank Transfer, Bank Deposit or via PayPal. Details will be given to you once you have submitted your Online Booking Form.


If you cancel your tour for any reason, between 0 to 7 days prior to the start of your tour/s, your deposit and payment to date becomes non-refundable. If you cancel 1 month prior to your tour/s date/s, your will be refunded in full the amount that you have paid. Any cancellations between these time frames will be subjected to a reasonable refund of 50% of all monies paid to date.

  Personal Injury and Safety

It is the responsibility of each individual to act responsibly and safely in respect of their own safety and that of others. PWE endeavors to operate with your safety and health as its principal guideline. However, as with all outdoor activities, outdoor and adventurous activities carry an inherent risk and can result in injury, permanent disability or even loss of life. Participants/Parents/Guardians are presumed to be aware of and accept the inherent risks involved. PWE, its Directors and staff, will not accept liability for personal injury or loss or damage of property sustained by participants. You will be asked to sign our indemnity form before the start of any tour/s.

  Water Confidence, Special Needs, Medical Conditions

For all water-based activities, participants need to be confident in the water. This does not mean you have to be able to swim. You must notify the PWE when booking with us, of any medical conditions, medication or special need, which may require special facilities or could have personal health or safety implications. PWE cannot be held responsible for any implications arising from non-disclosure.

  Tour/s Date/s Availability

Availability of Tour/s dates can be limited and must be checked when making your final booking that comes with the 50% deposit.


Although we endeavor to provide a "zero complaint" tour, we do understand that we are all humans after all, with our own idiosyncrasies. Any complaint/s must be lodged with the tour guide immediately so that an on-the-spot remedial action can be taken if required. In no circumstances will any complaint be accepted if raised after the tour has ended.

  Changes to Information

PWE reserves the right to change the stated tour/s at any time if this should prove necessary due to circumstances beyond our control. All information and details may be subject to change or alteration.

  Cancellations by PWE

In the event that PWE has to cancel any tour/s due to circumstances beyond its ability to remedy, you will receive a full refund of all monies paid to date. You will also be notified via email and/or SMS of any such cancellation.

  Weather Conditions

We cannot predict weather conditions. You must therefore understand that your activities may be re-scheduled or changed during your tour/s as it may not be safe or suitable for the activity to take place. PWE cannot be held responsible or liable for weather patterns and the resulting loss of activity/s during the tour.

  Privacy Policy

Personal information will only be used by PWE and will not be passed on to third parties.

  Tour Activity Participation

It is your responsibility to ensure that you are fit enough to undertake your chosen activity. PWE strongly advises against alcohol and/or drugs being consumed whilst you are undertaking an activity. PWE is not responsible for any accidents, illnesses and any other negative outcomes as a result of alcohol and/or drug consumption.

  Acknowledgement of Risk

Outdoor adventure activities, such as rock climbing, abseiling, trekking, river tubing etc are hazardous pursuits. PWE has taken all reasonable steps to manage the level of real risk to a level that we believe is acceptable. The level of real risk is generally confined to a similar level that a normal individual would experience when involved in normal active recreation and whilst the chances of serious injury are remote, the chances of minor injury (bruises, bumps and minor fractures) have to be seen as possible outcomes.

We are not able to remove all risk from the activities without destroying the activity, or the reason for doing it.

PWE does not accept liability or responsibility for personal injury to, or the death of any participants howsoever caused, unless by the proven negligence of us. In addition, the company is NOT liable for death, injury or illness caused by an activity outside of PWE activities.

ALL tour participants MUST sign the indemnity form provided before embarking on any PWE tour/s. Failure to do so will render the end of our contractual obligations to you.

  Force Majeure

PWE reserves the right to cancel/change your booking due to circumstances amounting to Force Majeure - these include, but are not limited to, weather conditions, fire, war, riot, terrorism, government action, strike action, and all similar events outside our control which prevent or affect our contractual obligation.

Where such circumstances occur the company will not be liable to pay you refunds or compensation.

PWE reserve the right to review, change and modify these terms & conditions without prior announcement as and when deemed necessary.